How to configure IDE Keil

KEIL Development Environment Settings

You can download the Keil IDE from the official website.

Please, set up port forwarding before configuring IDE.


Tutorial video


If the IDE does not work properly, then install all the latest versions of development tools from SEGGER website and run debugging several times.

  1. Open the options window, go to the "Debug " tab then select “J-Link/J-Trace Cortex” as the debugger type on the drop-down list and click “Settings” (see Figure 1).

  2. Select "TCP/IP" in the “Interface” group. Specify the IP-address and debugger port (shown on the Connection and Tools page) (see Figure 2) and click “Connect”.

While using port forwarding, use localhost as the IP-address and serv_port as Port. serv_port is shown on the Connection and Tools page.

  1. Make sure the adapter information is added. Select SW port type (see Figure 3).
  2. Make sure the controller information is added (see Figure 4).
  3. Click "OK " and start to work with the board.

It is strongly recommended that all settings in “Connect & Reset Options” group are checked. The group and its functions are described below.

«Connect & Reset Options» Group

Because the physical reset button is unavailable, the adapter nReset line can be used instead if necessary. It is required when «firmware» blocks debugger port. In this case the reset type can be changed from logical (using debugger port commands) to physical (see the figure below).
Then if the port is blocked at start-up, user just has to change the connection option to «with Pre-reset» or «under Reset» (see the figure below).