[Completed] All-HW Firmware Contest : Win a Free Devkit!


We would like to introduce the All-HW firmware contest! We love what we do here, and after hundreds of hours spent with all that hardware around, we just need a breath of air and want to share how cool using remote hardware is.

How to Participate

You will need to come up with and implement firmware for one any of the available boards here on all-hw.com

Requirements for the firmware:

  • Support as many of the available peripherals as possible.
  • Support as much user interactivity and control of the peripherals as possible.
  • All comments, documents, and supporting files must be in English.
  • Fully demonstrate the firmware remotely using the All-HW service. No need to purchase any hardware for yourself.
  • Must appropriately licence any third-party library or service. Depending on the library that may just mean a comment stating you licence it, or may mean you have to purchase it.

Here is the link to our forum, where all the features of the All-HW service are documented. Usage of these features is limited only by your imagination.

How the Enter and Win

The deadline for the delivery of your firmware is 23:59 23.04.2021 PST . We will take 1 week to review the entries before announcing the winner.

Contest Entry Methods:

Send archive file to hi@all-hw.com. Your archive must contain:

  1. All Source
  2. Binaries
  3. A text file with a description of the project (README.txt)


Send a link to your hosted repository (github, gitlab etc.) to hi@all-hw.com. Your repo must contain:

  1. All Source
  2. Binaries
  3. A description on the repo page (eg. README.md for github)
  4. Repo must be either public or if private you must provide an access token in your submission

How we will choose the winner:

Your submission will be evaluated by a panel of service engineers and programmers who will be a strong decision maker in the selection of the winner. The panel will be paying particular attention to any interesting, unusual, or novel use of the available environment.
The default firmware available on the service will also be considered as an entry, so make sure you review it and improve upon it.


  • Your firmware will replace our default firmware for the board you have selected to develop for, and all future users of the service will be using your FW.
  • You will be credited as an author on the board’s firmware page.
  • You will receive the board you selected to program for.



If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments or contact us at hi@all-hw.com, with “Contest” in the subject line.

We know many developers will work until the last minute to refine their design and implement as many features as possible, but early entries are encouraged. We will review entries as they come in and may even provide feedback on areas that could be improved if you wish to re-submit before the deadline.

Good luck!