How to configure IDE IAR for the J-Link Debugger

IAR Development Environment Settings

You can download the IAR IDE from the official website.


Tutorial video


  1. Open the options window then select the “Debugger” category and select the “J-Link/J-Trace” driver.
  2. Select the “J-Link/J-Trace” category then go to the “Connection” tab.
  3. Select “TCP/IP” as the communication type (see Figure 3A), and select “IP-address” from the drop-down list (see Figure 3B).
  4. In the “IP-address” field specify the IP-address and debugger port for the current session as follows: IP:Port. IP-address and port are shown on the Connection and Tools page.

While using port forwarding, use localhost as the IP-address and serv_port as Port. serv_port is shown on the Connection and Tools page.

  1. Make sure “SWD” interface is selected.